Component or property used to describe a reference space.

  • In the case of a physical or geometric object, the term may refer to magnitude such as length, width, height, etc.
  • The length, width and height of an object are measurements in one dimension.

Educational notes

  • The dimensions of a geometric figure are the number of components needed to describe the figure. This is a vectorial perspective, since the dimension of a vector space includes the number of vectors needed to define a basis for a vector space.
  • Therefore, in this context, a square is said to be a geometric figure that has 2 dimensions, whereas a pyramid is said to be a figure that has 3 dimensions. This is the same thing as saying that a square is a two-dimensional geometric figure and a pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric figure.


  • A line is a one-dimensional geometric figure.
  • A polygon is a two-dimensional geometric figure.
  • A solid is a three-dimensional geometric object.

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