Dimension of an object from its base to its vertex.

  • The word height often refers to the measure of this dimension or to the segment that represents it.
  • In a right rectangular prism, the height is a quantity that measures the third dimension of this prism. The dimensions of the base of a right rectangular prism are its length and its width.
  • In the case of a cube, the three dimensions are identical.
  • The height is a perpendicular line segment that passes through a vertex of a triangle, a cone or a pyramid to its base.
  • The height is a line segment that is perpendicular to one of the bases of a cube, a prism or a cylinder.


  • Here is a right square prism. The measures of the length and the width of its base are 4 centimetres (4 cm) and the measure of its height is 8 centimetres (8 cm).
    Capture d’écran 2016-05-11 à 15.27.22
  • The height of a triangle is the line segment that extends from a vertex and that is perpendicular to the opposite side. In these figures, the height is indicated by the letter h.

Hauteur d'un Triangle

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