Right Cone

Right Cone

Cone whose base has a centre and in which the segment that joins the apex to the centre is perpendicular to the plane containing the base.


If the base of a right cone is a circle, then the cone is called a right circular cone.
If the cone is not a right cone, then it is called an oblique cone.


  • Right circular cone


  • Right cone with non-circular base


  • Oblique cones




  • The volume V of a right circular cone of radius \(r\), diameter \(d\), height \(h\) and slant height \(a\) is given by the equation :
    \(V\space =\space \dfrac{πr^2 h}{3} \space  = \space \dfrac{π}{12} d^2 \sqrt{4a^2 − d^2}\)
  • The lateral area A of a right circular cone of diameter \(d\) and height \(h\) is given by the equation : \(A \space = \space \dfrac{πda}{2} \space = \space \dfrac{πd}{4} \sqrt{4h^2 + d^2}\)

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