Regular Polyhedron

Regular Polyhedron

A polyhedron that can be inscribed in a sphere and whose faces are congruent regular polygons.

  • A regular tetrahedron has 4 vertices, 6 edges and 4 faces:
  • A regular hexahedron has 6 vertices, 12 edges and 8 faces:
  • A regular octahedron has 6 vertices, 12 edges and 8 faces:
  • A regular dodecahedron has 20 vertices, 30 edges and 12 faces:
  • A regular icosahedron has 12 vertices, 30 edges and 20 faces:
  • There are also four regular non-convex polyhedra, which are called regular star polyhedra.
    They are the small stellated dodecahedron, the great stellated dodecahedron, the great dodecahedron and the great icosahedron.This is a small stellated dodecahedron; it is made up of 60 congruent triangles. It was discovered by Kepler in 1619:

A sculpture of a small stellated dodecahedron stands in the district of Bouzaréah in Algiers:


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