Regular Polygon

Regular Polygon

Convex polygon or regular star polygon whose sides are congruent and whose interior angles are congruent.


  • A regular polygon has as many lines of symmetry as it has sides or vertices.
  • A polygon that is not a regular polygon is called an irregular polygon.
  • A regular polygon may be convex or non-convex.
  • All regular star polygons are non-convex polygons. They should not be confused with regular polygons.



  • A square is a regular polygon.

Measures of regular polygons

Consider a regular polygon with n sides of lenght n and an apothem of length c and an apothem of \(a\)


  • The perimeter P is: \(P=ntimes c\)
  • The area A is : \(A=frac{Ptimes a}{2}\).

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