Name given to a numerical ou algebraic expression expressed using the symbol \(\sqrt{\hphantom{9}}\) or \(\sqrt[n]{\hphantom{9}}\).

Educational notes

  • The \(\sqrt{\hphantom{9}}\) symbol is also called a “radical”, but has no meaning on its own.
  • The \(\sqrt{\hphantom{9}}\) symbol is read as “radical” or “positive square root of…”
  • In the expression \(\sqrt[n]{\hphantom{9}}\), the number \(n\) is called the index of the radical; the expression is called a radical of order \(n\).
    The horizontal bar that groups the radicand is called the vinculum.
  • Similar radicals are radicals with the same index or the same order.
  • Christoff Rudolff is credited with having introduced the radical symbol.

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