Place Value

Place Value

Numerical value associated with a digit in a number based on the place that it occupies in this number.


The digits are associated to their place values from right to left, starting from the ones place value. The digits are grouped by threes, like how numbers are written in the decimal number system where the digits are grouped by threes and where each group is separated from the others by a space.
Here is the nomenclature of the place values:

In the number 12 456, the digit 2 occupies the thousands place value. We say that this number includes 1 ten thousands, 2 thousands, 4 hundreds, 5 tens, and 6 ones.


  • In the number 3065, the place value of the digit 6 is 60 because the digit 6 occupies the tens place value and 6 × 10 = 60.
  • In the number 18 579, the place value of the digit 8 is 8000 because the digit 8 occupies the thousands place value and 8 × 1000 = 8000.

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