Ordered Pair

Ordered Pair

An n-tuple having two elements.

As with all n-tuples, the order of the elements of an ordered pair is important, as it expresses a relationship from a to b, in the case of the ordered pair (ab).  The first element is called the first coordinate of the ordered pair and the second element is called second coordinate of the ordered pair.


The ordered pair with first coordinate a and second coordinate b is written as : (ab).


  • An ordered pair whose two components are the same is called an identical ordered pair.
  • There ordered pair (b, a) is called the reciprocal ordered pair or the symmetric ordered pair of the ordered pair (a, b).


  • The ordered pair (5, 12).
  • The ordered pair (5,034; –8,1).
  • The ordered pair (5, 5) is an identical ordered pair.
  • The ordered pairs (2, −3) and (−3, 2) are reciprocal or symmetric ordered pairs.

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