Graph (visual representation)

Graph (visual representation)

Term used in various domains of activity to represent a visual representation mode. A graph can then be either a diagram, a drawing, or a support aimed to design a visual representation.

In mathematics, we find statistical graphs, Cartesian graphs, and graphs used in the context of the graph theory. In computer science, flowcharts are also considered as visual representations of operational processes, whereas computers, touch screen tablets and smartphones have graphic interfaces powered by graphics processors.


  • This is the graph of the solution set of the equation \(y=2x+3\) :

  • This is a broken line diagram.The broken line is the graph of the changes in temperature during the last 10 days of July.

  • The diagram below is a graph of an electrical circuit showing the resistor setting:

  • A seismograph produces a graphic representation of earthquakes recorded in a given place on the planet:

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