Decimal Fraction

Decimal Fraction

Fraction or fractional expression that can be expressed with a denominator that is a power of 10.


All decimal fractions express a decimal number and all decimal numbers can be expressed as a decimal fraction.


The fractions \(\frac{3}{10}, \frac{17}{100}, \frac{27}{1000}\) and \(\frac{83}{1\space 000\space 000}\)are decimal fractions.

The fractions \(\frac{3}{4},\frac{4}{5}, \frac{3}{20}\) and \(\frac{17}{25}\) might not seem like they are decimal fractions, because their denominators are not powers of 10. However, we can find an equivalent fraction where the denominator is a power of 10.
Therefore, we find \(\frac{75}{100},\frac{8}{10}, \frac{15}{100}\) and \(\frac{68}{100}\).

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