Term used to represent the least or greatest object in a set of numbers or in a geometric shape.

A bound may or may not belong to a set in question.

  • The bounds of an interval are the limits of this interval.of this interval.
  • The bounds of a shape is the border of this shape.


  • The numbers -7 and 5 are the bounds of the interval (-7, 5]. The number -7 does not belong to this interval because the interval is open, but the number 5 belongs to this interval because the interval is closed. The upper bound is 5 and this is the maximum value of the interval. The lower bound is -7, but we cannot determine the minimum value of the interval; this value just comes after -7.
  • The edge of a circle is the bound of a closed circle and the edge belongs to the closed circle. The edge of the circle is also the bound of an open circle, but in this case, the edge does not belong to the open circle.

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