Solution Region

Solution Region

The representation of the solution set of a relationship in a Cartesian plane.

The solution set of a relationship (equation, inequality, function, etc.) is a set of ordered pairs that describes the relationship in roster form (tabular form). The set of ordered pairs can be represented in a Cartesian plane to form a continuous span of points called a region.

When the solution set of a relationship is a point, a line or a curve, the expression “solution region” is less appropriate.


The portion of the graph shaded in orange represents the solution set of the relationship \(\dfrac{x^2}{4} – \dfrac{y^2}{7} ≥ 1\) :

Therefore, we can say that this portion of the graph is the solution region of the relationship \(\dfrac{x^2}{4} – \dfrac{y^2}{7} ≥ 1\).

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