Result of an Operation

Result of an Operation

Each of the elements from the set of images of an operation.


  • In the addition operation 12 + 45 = 57, the result is 57.
  • In the multiplication operation 12 × 7 = 84, the result is 84.

Educational Note

An operation is defined by a rule or a law of composition that determines how a pair of operands is connected to an element of the image set. For example, we can visualize the rule that makes it possible to define the addition of whole numbers using real objects; this helps us realize that addition consists of counting all of the objects connected with one of the operands.

Similarly, we can define a transformation of geometric figures (operation on the figures) by describing how we are acting on the elements in the figure. In this case, for example, we will refer to a Cartesian plane where we drew the initial figure. The operation then consists of operating on the pairs of coordinates of the points in the figure.

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