Set of experimental or theoretical values of a given statistical or random variable.


Experiment 1
We are randomly drawing marbles one by one from a bag that we don’t know anything about.
After 100 draws, the results are: 12 white marbles, 35 black marbles, 8 red marbles and 45 blue marbles.
The distribution of the values – in this case, experimental – of the random variable “drawing a marble from the bag” is: {white, black, red, and blue}.

Experiment 2
We are rolling an honest die with 6 faces numbered 1 to 6 and recording the result obtained.
After 10 rolls, here are the results: 1 was rolled 2 times, 3 was rolled 2 times, 5 was rolled 2 times and 6 was rolled 4 times.

The distribution of values – in this case, theoretical – of the random variable “rolling a die and recording the result” is: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}.

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