In a coordinate system, an element that describes the position of an object.


The coordinate(s) of a point are written in parentheses, in a specific order, and are separated by a comma.


  • The number associated with a point on a number line is generally called the abscissa of the point.
    The abscissa of point A is 30 and the abscissa of point B is 50.

  • In a Cartesian coordinate system, the coordinates of a point are called the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate. The first coordinate, 6, is the x-coordinate of point A and the second coordinate, 2, is the y-coordinate of point A. Therefore, the coordinates of point A are (6, 2).
  • In a polar coordinate system, the coordinates of an object are the distance and the polar angle.
    The coordinates of point P are (5, 50°).


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