Numerical Value of an Algebraic Expression

Numerical Value of an Algebraic Expression

Value of the expression in which we replaced each of the variables with numbers from their defined domains.

Talking about the value of a digit is a short form to refer to the numerical value associated with a digit in the case of a number that only has one digit.


Consider the algebraic expression 2x + 4xy\(^{2}\) in which the variables x and y take values from the set of integers.

The numerical value of this expression, when x = 5 and y = 10, is 2010, because: 2 × 5 + 4 × 5 × 102 = 2010.

Educational Note

When a number has more than one digit, the expression “the sum of the digits of a number” should be replaced by “the sum of the numerical values associated with each digit in a number“.

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