Term that refers to both the act of measuring and the result of measuring.

  • A measure is a function that associates a dimension such as length, area, volume or a probability with certain parts of a given set.
  • Units of measure specific to the objects being measured are used, such as units of length, surface area, volume, capacity, duration, etc.
  • The measure of an object is also a number that expresses its size (length, area, volume, angle, etc.) in comparison to another size used as a unit of reference.
  • A measure is always associated with “a number of”, that is a denominate number; it is expressed as a number followed by a unit of measure.


To refer to the measure of an object, the letter m is used before the notation for the object.

  • m\(\space\angle\space A\) refers to the measure of angle A.
  • m\(\space\overline{AB} \) refers to the measure of line segment AB.

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